Our main goal with Evlaa is to simplify to the maximum the workflow of photos selection with a client. So,with Evlaa, it's very easy to retrieve the selection of your client directly on Lightroom and go back to your production work. Only 2-3 clicks and that's it :

  1. Go to Library > Plug-in Extras > Download selection or File > Plug-in Extras > Download selection


  2. Select the collection

  3. Select the client you want to retrieve the selection

  4. Configure the download of the selection

    Screenshot 2022-03-11 at 13.36.12.png

    1. Regarding workflow, you can choose to retrieve the ratings in Lightroom Collections, StarsColors or Flags.
    2. If you don't want to retrieve some ratings, you just need to unselect the right option : Nothing will happen on the photos with that number of stars.
  5. If you downloaded as a collections, your retrieve all the selected photos under the Evlaa selections collection

    Screenshot 2022-03-11 at 13.38.29.png

Et voilà, the ratings are linked to your photos and you can go back to your post production.



  1. Can I retrieve several selection? It is absolutely possible to retrieve several selection. You just need to know that the previous ratings will be deleted to add the new ones.If you want to have several selections in the same time, you can, for exemple, retrieve one in Lightroom stars and the other one in Lightroom colors. The both selections will be superposed.
  2. I don't find the email of my client? Different reasons are possibles :
    1. Your client didn't yet their selection. Be sure they receive your private link.
    2. Your client used another email. If you send the link you copy and past from your brother after logged in, your client will not need to use their email. They will use the email you used to logged in.
  3. Could my client do their selection in several time? Of course! They just need to login with the same email. We then retrieve their ratings and comments.